For her circles Süss stuck to the traditional technique of dry point etching but let the sharp tool meet with storage media of the twentieth century. CDs and LPs serve as “printing plates” on which HTML code, poetry and prose, Beatles lyrics or simply symbols are engraved.


Whereas CDs are good print media LPs cannot be used for more than one or two appropriate prints. However, print worker Jochen Lorenz from “Obergrabenpresse” has had the necessary dexterity to achieve a favourable result on these unconventional printing plates. These carved texts, symbols, concert reviews and other journalistic works on music – appear on the paper as a combination of relief and gravure printing while the background shimmers in different nuances of white and grey.


from „Squaring the Circle" by Susann & Ulf Krüger



Katrib Süss - Radierungen