work stay & Exhibition

SalomonArts Gallery New York City


Topic Cinema, first prints with cinema film containers


Journey & Exhibition

OneArtSpace & SalomonArts NYC / Washington DC


first works in molden steel


work stay Haria / Lanzarote / Canary Islands


Work stay | New York City



Journey to London


Journey to Malta


Scholarship New York City



EU Scholarship in Lanzarote, Spain


Lanzarote - Spanien


First etchings on CDs


There was the desire to turn the signs of out time into something visible, like HTML, by traditional means. To point out man’s dependency on technology and computer languages intrigues me, as I use both in my everyday life. My initial inspiration was a HTML code for my first website about charts within charts.


Educational Journeys to Crimea and the Ukraine

since 2004

Seminars in Salzburg: Artistic Essentials, Painting, Graphic Arts

since 2000

Close co-operation with Obergrabenpresse Dresden


First sculptures, ceramic, later zinc wire with Japanese paper


Birth of Daughter Pina Li


Educational Journey to Crete, Greece


Study of Art Therapy in Hamburg with Frances Dupierry, Performance Artist from South Africa


First circular objects with corrugated cardboard and Japanese paper

since 1993

Diary Pages-ink drawings, largely black and white, approx. 300 x 200, also 400 x 300 mm


... upon a dream about abandoning rectangular pictures, followed by the reduction of colour and the search of depicting “nothingness”. How to reduce everything by all means of visual arts, so that “nothingness” becomes tangible. The centre of my works is important to me. It should appear lucid, allowing the viewer to transcend through the picture. The square and the circle form a relationship. Between the centre and the empty spaces a landscape is generated, appearing tranquil or animated. Everything depicts the continuity of nature, man and space. Time is integrated as a new element. Beside all structures that illustrate certain states, the perception of time and space is a constant issue for me, as are their interactions and perpetual dialogues.


Birth, Illness and Death of her first daughter Clara


Freelance Work in Berlin


Diploma Course in Graphic Design at Hochschule für Gestaltung, Berlin

Simultaneously: Courses in Painting and Sketching with Agathe Boettger, Christa Schuhmann, Wulff Sailer, Wolfgang Leber, Manfred Schubert


First aquatints


Study in Painting and Graphic Arts at HfBK Dresden,

Prof. Claus Weidensdorfer


First landscape studies around the city of Dresden


At an exhibition, Süss is acquainted with the works of Eberhard Göschel, an artist who has influenced her to this day


teaching activity


Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Technik, Berlin

Seminars for creation and typography


Semperschulen, Dresden

communication design, creation, graphics, typography


Sächsisches Kultusministerium Dresden

development of the professional curriculum for typography,



Fachhochschule Salzburg

Seminars in creation and creativity technologies


Akademie für Gestaltung der HWK, Dresden

Seminars to creation basics, typography


EU-Kongress Brüssel

International symposium to the architecture philosophy
of César Manrique


Kunstschule Mattsee bei Salzburg

Investigations and interpretations archeologics and typographics signs in Hallein culture (early Iron Age)